February 01, 2012

Cheongsam or Qípáo

cheongsam |ˈ ch ô ng ˌsäm|nouna straight, close-fitting silk dress with a high neck, short sleeves, and a slit skirt, worn traditionally by Chinese and Indonesian women.well known as a mandarin gown. Qípáo (旗袍) is another nickname of cheongsam.ORIGIN Chinese ( Cantonesedialect).

Sebastian Gunawan; one of the most talented Indonesian designer, design all of these beautiful cheongsam for the celebration of this dragon lunar new year. So frabjous, aren't they?

As the sweet finale, I added this adorable Zuhair Murad Fall-Winter 2011/2012cheongsam inspired dress.

courtesy: vemale.combestdress.com.ua

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