March 22, 2012


damask |ˈdaməsk|nouna figured woven fabric with a pattern visible on both sides, typically used for table linen and upholstery.• a tablecloth made of this material.short for damask rose .(also damask steel) historical another term for Damascus steel .adjectivemade of or resembling damask the satinlike finish of these damask napkins.• poetic/literary having the velvety pink or light red color of a damask rose.verb [ trans. ]weave with figured designs.• poetic/literary decorate with or as if with a variegated pattern.ORIGIN late Middle English : from Damaske, early form of the name of Damascus, where the fabric was first produced.

Marc Jacobs' damask fabric dresses:

Karen Walker damask fabric dresses:

 Sophie Theallet wore lots of damask fabric on her latest collection:

 Tadashi Shoji's:

 Damask top and dress by Tracy Reese:

 Wes Gordon:
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