February 24, 2012


asymmetrical |ˌāsəˈmetrikəl|adjectivehaving parts that fail to correspond to one another in shape, size, or arrangement.• having parts or aspects that are not equal or equivalent; unequal in some respect.DERIVATIVESasymmetric adjectiveasymmetrically |-ik(ə)lē| adverb
Marchesa's asymmetrical tulle asymmetrical skirt style:

Asymmetrical skrit style dresses by Alexander McQueen:

 Christian Dior tulle asymmetrical skirt style:
 One shoulder asymmetrical skirt style by Oscar de la Renta:
 Jason Wu asymmetrical dresses:

 Marchesa off shoulder asymmetrical skirt style dress:
 Gorgeous pale blue dresses with asymmetrical skirt style by Marc Jacobs:
 Reem Acra asymmetrical skirt style dresses:

Courtesy: vogue.it

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