April 25, 2012


fuchsia |ˈfyoō sh ə|nouna shrub with pendulous tubular flowers that are typically of two contrasting colors. They are native to America and New Zealand and are commonly grown as ornamentals. • Genus Fuchsia, family Onagraceae: many cultivars.a vivid purplish-red color like that of the sepals of a typical fuchsia flower.
adjectivelike the sepals of a fuchsia flower in color; purplish red.
ORIGIN modern Latin, named in honor of Leonhard Fuchs (1501–66), Germanbotanist.

Fuchsias by Ermanno Scervino and Jason Wu:

Marchesa's fuchsia dresses:

Betsey Johnson fuchsia suit:

Lulu Johnson's fuchsia dress on Betsey Johnson FW 12/13 runway show:
Carolina Herrera's:
Christian Dior fuchsia dresses:

Lela Rose:

Oscar de la Renta's fuchsias:

Courtesy of vogue.it

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