February 17, 2012


gold |gōld|nouna deep lustrous yellow or yellow-brown color her eyes were light green and flecked with gold.
PHRASESgo gold (of a recording) achieve sales meriting a gold disk.pot (or crock) of gold a large but distant or imaginary reward. [ORIGIN: with allusion to the story of a crock of gold supposedly to be found by anyone reaching the end of a rainbow.]
ORIGIN Old English, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch goud and German Gold, from an Indo-European root shared by yellow.Alexander McQueen and Heering-Lars Wallin gold fabrics:

 Michael Kors':

 Naeem Khan:
 Reem Acra gorgeous gold dresses:

 Gold dresses by Zuhair Murad:

Courtesy of vogue.it

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