March 02, 2012


halter 1 |ˈhôltər|nouna rope or strap with a noose or headstall placed around the head of a horse or other animal, used for leading or tethering it.• archaic a rope with a noose for hanging a person.[usu. as adj. a strap by which the bodice of a sleeveless dress or top is fastened or held behind at the neck, leaving the shoulders and back bare [as adj. ]tourists in halter tops and shorts.• a top with such a neck.verb [ trans. ]put a halter on (an animal).• archaic hang (someone).ORIGIN Old English hælftre, of Germanicorigin, meaning [something to hold things by]; related to German Halfter, also to helve .
halter 2 |ˈhalˌti(ə)r| (also haltere)noun (usu. halteres) Entomologythe balancing organ of a two-winged fly, seen as either of a pair of knobbed filaments that take the place of the hind wings, vibrating during flight.ORIGIN mid 16th cent. (originally plural, denoting a pair of weights like dumbbells held in the hands to give impetus when jumping): from Greek haltēres (plural), fromhallesthai ‘to leap.’Runway halter dresses, Alexander McQueen's:
Bill Blass:

 Christian Dior:
 Elie Saab:
 Issa London's:
 The lovely Jenny Packham's:

 Monique Lhuillier:

 Salvatore Ferragamo:
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