February 03, 2012


kebaya |kəˈbɑːjə|


  • a light, loose tunic worn by women in Indonesia, Malaysia, and other South East Asian countries.

    ORIGIN ultimately of Persian or Arabic origin

    Kebaya was a traditional costume that becomes the Indonesian national costume. Separately from the image of old-fashioned, nowadays the Indonesian designers seeking for ways to make kebaya more wore-able as well generate the young generations to wear them proudly as one of many their national costumes.  Enjoy these kebaya from Anne Avantie, Ari Seputra, Priyo Octaviano, and Raden Sirait.

    Indonesians, hold your head up high!
    Credits to: vemale.com

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  1. I'm Indonesian and i really love Kebaya. Everytime i wear it, i feel sexy. Thank you for this post. :)