March 01, 2012


pleat |plēt|nouna double or multiple fold in a garment or other item made of cloth, held by stitching the top or side.verb [ trans. ]fold into pleats she was absently pleating her skirt between her fingers [as adj. (pleated) a short pleated skirt.DERIVATIVESpleater nounORIGIN late Middle English : a variant ofplait . The written form of the word became obsolete between c. 1700 and the end of the 19th cent.

 Pleated sleeve and skirts by Alice+Olivia:

Alberta Ferreti Pleated Dresses:

 Christian Dior's pleated fabric:

Pleated sheer skirt from Emporio Armani:

 Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti collection:

 Vera Wang's:


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