April 24, 2012


emerald |ˈem(ə)rəld|nouna bright green color like that of an emerald :[as adj. the leaves are emerald green.
ORIGIN Middle English : from Old Frenche(s)meraud, ultimately via Latin from Greek(s)maragdos, via Prakrit from Semitic(compare with Hebrew bāreqe t , from bāraq ‘flash, sparkle’ ).
Ermanno Scervino's ruche emerald gown:

 Gucci emerald drop waist dresses:

 Isaac Mizrahi's emerald dress:
 Emeralds by Lanvin and N˚ 21:

 Oscar de la Renta emerald fabric gowns and dresses:

 Emerald Green dresses by Elie Saab:

Credits to vogue.it

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