April 15, 2012


monochromatic |ˌmänəkrōˈmatik|adjectivecontaining or using only one color :monochromatic light.• Physics (of light or other radiation) of a single wavelength or frequency.• lacking in variety; monotonous her typically monochromatic acting style.DERIVATIVESmonochromatically |-ik(ə)lē| adverb
Oscar de la Renta monochromatic gowns:

Carolina Herrera's, very monochromatic classic look.
DKNY monochromatic jumper dress.
Another Donna Karan's monochromatic:

Dsquared2 halter neck monochromatic dress.
Erin Fetherston's:
Giambattista Valli monochromatic looks.

Isacc Mizrahi off shoulder monochromatic.
Monochromatic gown by Isaac Mizrahi.
Milly monochromatic round neck dress.
Casual monochromatic look by Richard Chai.
Valentino monochromatic high collar neckline jumper.

Courtesy of vogue.it

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