April 29, 2012


mousseline |ˌmoōsəˈlēn; -ˈslēn|nouna fine, semiopaque fabric similar to muslin, typically made of silk, wool, or cotton.
ORIGIN late 17th cent.: from French.Well-favored Nina Ricci's mousseline:

 Mousseline fabric used by Orcar de la Renta:

 Abed Mahfouz:
 Christophe Josse:

 Dilek Hanif Grecian godes inspired mousseline gown:
 Donna Karan mousseline; the detail is really breathtaking.
 Mousseline gowns by Elie Saab:

 Adorable mousseline gowns by Giambattista Valli:

 J. Mendel:

Credits to vogue.it