April 08, 2012

Overlay Dresses

overlay 1verb |ˌōvərˈlā| ( past and past part. -laid) [trans. (often be overlaid with)cover the surface of (a thing) with a coating :their fingernails were overlaid with silver or gold.• lie on top of a third screen which will overlay the others.• figurative (of a quality or feeling) become more prominent than (a previous quality or feeling) his openness had been overlaid by his new self-confidence.noun |ˈōvərˌlā|something laid as a covering over something else a durable, cost-effective floor overlay.• a transparency placed over artwork or something such as a map, marked with additional information or detail.• a graphical computer display that can be superimposed on another.Computing the process of transferring a block of program code or other data into internal memory, replacing what is already stored.• a block of code or other data transferred in such a way.overlay 2 |ˌōvərˈlā|past of overlie .overlie |ˌōvərˈlī|verb ( -lying; past -lay; past part. -lain) [trans. ]lie on top of soft clays overlie the basalt |figurative the national situation was overlain by sharp regional differences.
Jenny Packham stunning pink overlay dress:

 Valentino's overlay dresses:

 Overlay dresses made by Victoria by Victoria Beckham, Oscar de la Renta, Proenza Schouler, and Roberto Cavalli: 


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Christophe Josse
Ermanno Scervino
Jason Wu
Lela Rose
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Marios Schwab
Courtesy of vogue.it