April 04, 2012


russet |ˈrəsət|nouna reddish-brown color the woods in autumn are a riot of russet and gold.
DERIVATIVESrussetadjectiveORIGIN Middle English : from an Anglo-Norman French variant of Old Frenchrousset, diminutive of rous ‘red,’ fromProvençal ros, from Latin russus ‘red.’Russet strapless gown by Giambattista Valli:
Peter Som russet leather cape coat:
Velvet russet dress by Ralph Lauren:
Victoria Bechkam russet dresses:

Z by Zac Posen russet long sleeve gown:
Azzaro high collar neckline russet dress:
Badgley Misckha ruche mini dress in russet color.
Russet one shoulder gown with blue sash by Carolina Herrera:
Cynthia Steffe russets:

Lastly, one shoulder russet gown by Douglas Hannant:
Courtesy of vogue.it