April 30, 2012


vintage |ˈvintij|nounthe year or place in which wine, esp. wine of high quality, was produced.• a wine of high quality made from the crop of a single identified district in a good year.• poetic/literary wine.• the harvesting of grapes for winemaking.• the grapes or wine produced in a particular season.• the time that something of quality was produced rifles of various sizes and vintages.adjectiveof, relating to, or denoting wine of high quality vintage claret.• denoting something of high quality, esp. something from the past or characteristic of the best period of a person's work a vintage Sherlock Holmes adventure.ORIGIN late Middle English : alteration (influenced by vintner ) of earlier vendage, from Old French vendange, from Latinvindemia (from vinum ‘wine’ demere‘remove’ ).Super elegancé "Chambord" House of Dior F/W 1954/55. As a suggestion, zoom it and you'll se the amazing details.
"Compiègne" House of Dior FW 54/55:
"Scarlatti" House of Dior S/S 1950:
"Venus" House of Dior FW 1949/50:
 "Swan" Charles James 1953:
 Dress (Sundress) Carolyn Schnurer from the 50-60's:
 Dress, Evening Attributed to House of Dior 1951:
 Dress, Evening Cristobal Balenciaga 1959:
 Dress, Evening Halston 1978:
 Dress, Evening House of Balenciaga 1951. So amazing, isn't it?
 Dress, Evening House of Dior SS 1958:
 Dress, Evening Madame Grès (Alix Barton) FW '79-80:
 Dress, Evening Madame Grès (Alix Barton) 1979:
 Dress, Evening Mainbocher 1950. I think the fabriqué is the same as what they use in Sari.
 House of Balenciaga 1945:
House of Chanel 1957:
 House of Givenchy FW 68/69:
 Jean Dessès 1965:
 Madame Grès 1937:
 Madame Grès 1958:
 Madeleine Vionnet 1936

Courtesy of metmuseum.org