May 14, 2012


honeysuckle |ˈhənēˌsəkəl|nouna color refers to a widely distributed climbing shrub with tubular flowers that are typically fragrant and of two colors or shades, opening in the evening for pollination by moths. Genera Lonicera and Diervilla, familyCaprifoliaceae (the honeysuckle family): many species, including the commonJapanese honeysuckle ( L. japonica), thetrumpet honeysuckle ( L. sempervirens), and the northern bush honeysuckle ( D. lonicera). The honeysuckle family also includes such berry-bearing shrubs as guelder rose, elder, and snowberry.ORIGIN Middle English honysoukil, extension of honysouke, from Old English hunigsūce. It originally denoted tubular flowers, such as the red clover, which are sucked for their nectar.Luisa Beccaria honeysuckle godess gown:
 Honeysuckle toga dress by Marchesa:
 MSGM honeysuckle long sleeve lace peplum dress:
 Nina Ricci's honeysuckle mini dresses:

 Victoria by Victoria Beckham's honeysuckle halter dress:
 Antonio Berardi honeysuckle balloon skirt dress:
 Badgley Mischka honeysuckle asymmetrical dress:
 Christian Dior honeysuckle crinoline gown and honeysuckle cape sleeve dress:

 Cynthia Steffe's honeysuckle:
 Issa London honeysuckle dresses.

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