June 23, 2012


bandeau |banˈdō|noun ( pl. -deaux |-ˈdōz|)a narrow band worn around the head to hold the hair in position their dusty blonde hair smoothly combed in bandeaux.• a woman's strapless top formed from a band of fabric fitting around the bust :white two-piece bathing suit with quilted sateen bandeau top.ORIGIN early 18th cent.: from French, fromOld French bandel, diminutive of bande.
ASOS Asos Bandeau Dress with Bell Skirt in Cupcake Print

ASOS COLLECTION Asos Petite Bandeau Dress in Textured Cloth 

ASOS COLLECTION Asos Petite Exclusive Drape Front Bandeau Dress

ASOS COLLECTION Asos Playsuit with Lace Bandeau

ASOS COLLECTION Asos Sequin Bandeau Dress with Chiffon Skirt

ASOS COLLECTION Bandeau Dress In Floral Print

ASOS COLLECTION Bandeau Unitard in Blurred Butterfly, $47

ASOS Salon Floral Bandeau Dress

BIBA Daisy Pleated Bandeau Chiffon Bridal Gown 

CHINTI AND PARKER Bamboo-jersey Bandeau Maxi Dress

CUTIE Bandeau Draped Dress, $27

FRENCH CONNECTION Buckle Detail Bandeau Dress

KAREN MILLEN Karen Millen Drape Dress with Contrast Belt

LANVIN Metallic Ruched Bandeau Beach Dress

OASIS Broderie Bandeau Dress, $86

OASIS Oriental Bow Bandeau Dress

OASIS Rebecca Belted Bandeau Dress

OASIS Stripe Bandeau Sundress

OASIS Tuck Bandeau Dress

SEE BY CHLOÉ See By Chloe Cone Pocket Bandeau Dress

TOPSHOP Chiffon Bandeau Dress By Rare**

TOPSHOP Embellished Crystal Bandeau Dress

TOPSHOP Embellished Mullet Hem Dress By Opulence

TOPSHOP Mullet Hem Bandeau Dress
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