June 22, 2012

Flap Bag

flap |flap|verb ( flapped flapping ) [ trans. ](of a bird) move (its wings) up and down when flying or preparing to fly a pheasant flapped its wings [ intrans. ]gulls flapped around uttering their strange cries.• [ intrans. (of something attached at one point or loosely fastened) flutter or wave around the tent bent with the gale, and the corners flapped furiously.• move (one's arms or hands) up and down or back and forth she began flapping her arms to drive away the permeating cold.• [ trans. strike or attempt to strike (something) loosely with one's hand, a cloth, or a broad implement, esp. to drive it away they flap away the flies with peacock tails.
ORIGIN Middle English : probably imitative.

CHLOÉ Flap Handbag

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Sweet Charity Patent Trimmed Flap Bag

FLORIAN DENICOURT Canary Cocktail Flap Satchel

GUCCI Snaffle Bit Small Flap Leather Shoulder Bag

JIMMY CHOO Cassie Quilted Flap Clutch

LANVIN Fold-over Flap Leather Shoulder Bag

LAUREN BY RALPH LAUREN Newbury Crossbody Flap Over Bag

MARC BY MARC JACOBS D3 Ptm Flap Pouchette Clutch

MICHAEL KORS Ostrich-embossed Shoulder Flap Bag

MICHAEL KORS Rectangular Flap Shoulder Bag


TORY BURCH Robinson Convertible Flap Bag

VALENTINO Girello Lace Flap Bag
Courtesy of lyst.com