June 14, 2012


smock |smäk|nouna loose dress or blouse, with the upper part closely gathered in smocking.• a loose garment worn over one's clothes to protect them an artist's smock.• (also smock-frock) historical a smocked linen overgarment worn by an agricultural worker.verb [ trans. [usu. as adj. ( smocked)decorate (something) with smocking :smocked dresses.ORIGIN Old English smoc [woman's loose-fitting undergarment] ; probably related toOld English smūgan [to creep] and Old Norse smjúga ‘put on a garment, creep into.’ The use of the verb as a needlework term dates from the late 19th cent.

CARVEN Smocked Off Shoulder Dress

CHRISTOPHER KANE Ruched Crewneck Smock Dress

JESSICA SIMPSON Split Flutter Sleeve One Shoulder Smocked Printed Maxi

MICHAEL KORS Strapless Straight Smocked Abstract Printed A Line Maxi

OPENING CEREMONY Smocked Off Shoulder Dress 


PROENZA SCHOULER Georgette Smock Dress

SEE BY CHLOÉ See By Chloe Silk Cotton Drop Waist Smock Dress

THAKOON ADDITION Smocked Waist Dress

ALICE + OLIVIA Aidia Tie Neck Smocked Tunic In Pink Multi

COMME DES GARÇONS Fall 2012 Floral Print Maxi Smock Dress

MARC BY MARC JACOBS Spring 2012 White Smock Jacket

SONIA RYKIEL Fall 2012 Beige Smocked Midi Dress With Long Puffed Sleeves

SONIA RYKIEL Fall 2012 Printed Smock Dress

SUNO Spring 2012 Stripe Detail Smock
Courtesy of lyst.com