July 14, 2012

Peacock Dress

peacock |ˈpēˌkäk dres|
nouna dress inspired by peacockORIGIN Middle English : from Old Englishpēa (from Latin pavo) [peacock] cock .Inspiration for peacock dresses:
Emma Watson in Veronica Reis

Sheri Hill's

 Or even red cheongsam with peacock details.
Peacock dress was exist from the 20th century. Lady Curzon in the Peacock Dress of 1909 by Charles Fredrick Worth, the first couturier.
 W.T. Benda, Peacock Dress, 1920s:
 Alexander McQueen's peacock dress:

Worn by SJP.
Emma Watson in a peacock dress by Harry Potter's fashion designer but he said that this' not the same as Alexander McQueen's. Of course the neckline very different but who cares who designed it as long as they both look gorgeous, right?
Marchesa's peacock dress inspired.
Dita von Teese in Marchesa.

Blair Waldorf in the similar dress by Marchesa.
Peacock dresses can be so stunning and so worst at the same time. For me, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Alba, and Evan Rachel Wood; all look fabulous but sadly, Phoebe Price wasn't.

Courtesy of tumblr.com

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