September 23, 2012


cocoon |kəˈkoōn|
a silky case spun by the larvae of many insects for protection as pupae.
• a similar structure made by other animals.• a covering that prevents the corrosion of metal equipment.• something that envelops or surrounds, esp. in a protective or comforting way thecocoon of her kimono figurative warmcocoon of love.
verb [ trans. (usu. be cocooned)
envelop or surround in a protective or comforting way we began to feel cold even though we were cocooned in our sleeping bags.
• spray with a protective coating.• [ intrans. retreat from the stressful conditions of public life into the cozy private world of the family the movers and shakers are now cocooning.
cocooner noun (in the last sense of theverb).
ORIGIN late 17th cent.: from French cocon, from medieval Provençal coucoun ‘eggshell, cocoon,’ diminutive of coca ‘shell.’ The verb dates from the mid 19th cent.
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