October 03, 2012


moire |môˈrā; mwä-; mwär| (also moi|mwäˈrā; mô-|)
silk fabric that has been subjected to heat and pressure rollers after weaving to give it a rippled appearance.
(of silk) having a rippled, lustrous finish.
• denoting or showing a pattern of irregular wavy lines like that of such silk, produced by the superposition at a slight angle of two sets of closely spaced lines.
ORIGIN mid 17th cent.French moire ‘mohair’ (the original fabric); the variantmoiré ‘given a watered appearance’ (past participle of moirer, from moire).
MCQ BY ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Strapless Moire Petticoat DressCourtesy of Lyst.

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