March 28, 2013

Shopping Time: Corlette

Corlette is a London based luxury accessories brand specialised in corset-style fashion belts and gloves that has made it appearance with their first collection Autumn/Winter 2012.

Founded by Fiorina Benveniste-Schuler and named after her grandmother, Colette, an avid wearer of corsets and gloves who embraced elegance and style, Corlette represents the modern feminity combined with the savoir-faire and class of the old days.

Inspired by the 18th century perspective that a woman should always leave the house with her gloves and her corset, the concept of Corlette is to reinvent the use of belts and gloves as a wardrobe staple.

Born into a life of travel and describing herself to be from everywhere and nowhere, Fiorina brings a different philosophy to her design, successfully combining various cultures to create luxury accessories that bridge the gap between both the formal and the casual, as well as rock elegance and French chic.

100% Handmade in Italy, Corlette utilizes the highest quality Italian leather with delicate materials harmonised in an unparalleled fashion. From the design to the materials, each belt and pair of gloves are beautifully handrcrafted with exceptional detail providing a unique expression, suitable for any occasion.

Happy shopping!

 Spotted! Corlette is also celebrities' favorite brands!

Courtesy of Corlette.

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