November 11, 2013

DIY: iPhone 5 Case inspired by Marc Jacob's Daisy

A few days ago, my father bought me an iPhone. No need to ask how happy I am, but the colour is black and I decided to make my phone more lady-like. I was inspired by Daisy by Marc Jacobs and doing some research about the availability of Daisy Marc Jacobs iPhone case. The result is: none. Marc Jacobs never made a Daisy iPhone case; so this is not bogus case.

What you'll need:
1. Flowers (Since I lived in Indonesia, it's hard to find something similar to Marc Jacob's Daisy but I went to a scrapbook store yesterday and found a yellow petals. I do change the colour by using pylox then the petals is all white now.)
2. Gold beads (this is for the centre of the petals.)
3. Glue gun. (or any glue that sticks to rubber-material, especially the case of your phone.)
4. Case(s).

Step by step pictures:

Or, here's the video:


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