November 14, 2013

Green Plaid Shirt

green plaid shirt  |grēn pladSHərt|
a garment for the upper body made of green checkered cotton or a similar fabric, with a collar, sleeves, and buttons down the front.

Chemise Femme Plaid Button Up In Checkered Plaidgreen

100% linen. Made in tunisia. Button front closures. Breast pockets. Founded in 1988 by tunisian designer jean touitou, this paris-based fashion brand offers traditional pieces for men and women. Known for clean cut silhouettes, military-inspired details, and range of raw denim, a.p.c.crafts tailored staples and a lineup of refreshingly chic clothing that is hip, modern, and classic.

Green Sheer Plaid Blouse Black

Banana republic classic plaid brings a fresh dose of style to our sheer blouse. Spread collar. Button front. Styling tip: this blouse is sheer. Layer over a tank or cami. Hits at the hip.

Multicolor Easy Shirt

100% cotton. Made in italy. Button front closures. Breast pocket. Pleat detail on back.

Green Plaid Flannel Shirt

The red fleece collection plaid flannel shirt crafted in cotton twill with a soft handfeel. Distressed metal buttons. Machine wash. Imported.

Green Plaid Roll Tab Shirt

Roll-tab details, front besom pockets and a long silhouette modernize this preppy plaid go-to. Point collar. Long roll-tab sleeves. Button front. Front besom pockets. Long roll-tab hem hits below the hips. 99% cotton/1% elastane. Machine wash. Imported.

Black The Prep School Shirt

100% cotton. Made in china. Button front closures. Breast pockets. Metallic pyramid stud accents along collar and shoulder. Back pleat detail.

Green Watercolor Plaid Signature Shirt

A painterly pattern brightens a soft, slightly sheer style of silk chiffon.

Green Brett Plaid Blouse In Pine Multi

100% silk Made in China Button front closures

Green Brett

A more tailored version of a menswear inspired shirt, the brett in plaid features a feminine fit and a single patch pocket. Classic and sophisticated, the brett pairs well with everything. 100% silk; dry clean; imported;.

Blue Fitted Boyfriend Plaid Shirt

Drapey, lightweight plaid flannel. Long sleeves with three-button cuffs. Collar. Front button placket. Patch pocket on chest. Rear shoulder yoke.

Green Plaid Button Front Shirt

Linen and cotton blend button front plaid shirt. Imported. Cotton/ramie/linen. Machine wash. Imported. Cotton/ramie/linen. Machine wash.

Green Flannel Boyshirt In Campbell Plaid

Bright, cozy flannel in a universally cool fit. A total must-have. True to size. Cotton.

Blue Plaid Cotton Shirt

Multicolored plaid cotton. Front patch pocket, button-fastening cuffs, pleat at back. Button fastenings through front. 100% cotton. Machine wash.

Green Dana Button Down

Launched in 2006, Rails is a unique brand of fashion fusing California comfort activewear with European styling. High quality fabrics, narrow cuts, and unique lines; this collection is influenced by international travel and metropolitan lifestyle.

Soft Wovens Plaid Cafe Blouse In Green

100 poly. Button front closure. Front flap pockets. Roll tabbed sleeves. Sheer fabric.

Roll Sleeve Plaid Shirt

Button tabs roll the long sleeves to enhance the casual ease of a gauzy-light shirt patterned in Americana plaid. Approx. length from shoulder: 26". Measurements taken from size Medium and may vary slightly by size. Semi-sheer. Chest pocket. Darts at bust. Buttoned cuffs. Curved hem. Cotton; machine wash. By Sandra Ingrish; imported.

Green Charlee Plaid Henley

A fold-over collar trims the split V neckline of this loose-fitting blouse, boldly patterned in vibrant plaid. Flap pockets accent the front, and subtly flared sides give the silhouette a relaxed drape. Button-tabs gather the cuffs, allowing the sleeves to be worn long or 3/4 length. Fabric: Voile. 100% rayon. Wash cold. Made in the USA.


This cuffed plaid. trouser features side seam slit hip pockets, buttoned welt back pockets and a cropped tapered leg. Hidden button fly with hook-and-eye and button closure. 100% wool. Unlined. Made in Japan. Model stands 5 feet 8 inches. 32 inch bust, 24 inch waist, 34 inch hips.

 Courtesy of Lyst.


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