January 15, 2014

Emma Robert's Style

Emma Roberts is the niece of Julie Roberts. She was born on February 10, 1991, currently 22 years old. With 160 cm and 51 kgs, she's looking great and she has a lovely styles.

Emma Roberts in Chanel tweed jacket.

Emma Roberts and white party dresses.

Emma Roberts and print dresses.

Emma Roberts in and open back grey embellished dress.

Emma Roberts and deep V-neck gowns. Both embellished with beads.

Emma Roberts and her cut-out dresses.

Emma Roberts and black dresses.

Another black dresses.

Black formal dresses worn by Emma Roberts.

Emma Roberts wearing jumpsuits.

Emma Roberts and bright colour gowns.

Emma Roberts and blue dresses.

Blue, blue, blue dresses.

White dresses.

Combination of white and black, peach, and pink.

Emma Roberts: bright colour dresses.

Emma Roberts nude long sleeve top.

Emma Robert's casual style.

Emma Roberts and her outer.

Emma Roberts' casual style.

Emma Roberts seems to love her purple scarf.

Emma Roberts wears a lot of white tops.

Another casual style for red carpet by Emma Roberts.

Outfits that shines.
Credits to Jared.

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