January 01, 2014

Emma Stone's Styles

Happy 2014 everyone! I hope everyone have a new year with a new hope and new goals to achieve. You have another 365 days and anything could happen. Remember, extraordinary things happen to extraordinary people. Find your passion and you will be extraordinary!;)

Well, it's the first day of 2014 and it's on Wednesday. So, it's Stylish Wednesday's time. Today, we will learn how to be timeless yet ladylike with Emma Stone. Emma Stone was born in 1988 and she's currently 25 years old. She's 1.68 according to Wikipedia and her weight is 52 kilograms.

Emma Stones and peplum(s).

Emma Stone in Calvin Klein.

Emma Stone dresses.

Emma Stone and deep V-Neck gowns.

Emma Stone in Elie Saab and Chanel.

Emma Stone in Red. Both in red and left are Lanvin.

Emma Stone in Phillip Lim and Valentino. Collars.

Emma Stone and colorblock dresses.

Emma Stone pretty in ultramarine-colour dresses.

Emma Stone during the premiere of the Amazing Spiderman.

Emma Stone and jeans shirt.

Emma Stone casual styles in white tops.

Emma Stone casual in blacks.

Emma Stone and her casual style during the fall and winter season.

Emma Stone: formal pants.
Emma Stone and cardigans.

Another gowns.

Emma Stone and patterns dresses.

Black patterned dresses.

Emma Stone and simple dresses.

Emma Stone's coats.

Emma Stone's colourful outfits.
Credits to JustJared.

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