February 19, 2014

Freida Pinto's Style

Freida Pinto is an Indian actress and model, well-known for her role as Latika at Slumdog Millionaire's movie. She has nice choices for her appearance and I love her styles. She's 168 cm and her weight is 52 kilograms.

Freida Pinto and her colourful evening dresses, mostly by Dior.

Freida Pinto in blue gowns.

Freida Pinto's style: mustard, peach, white gown.

Freida Pinto and little beads on her gowns.

Freida Pinto and pink gowns.

Freida Pinto and black deep V-gowns.

Freida Pinto and satins. The left one is pretty much similar to Sari, an Indian traditional dress.

Freida Pinto and green one shoulder gown, right: cut-out gown.

Freida Pinto love mesh dresses!

Blue choices dresses by Freida Pinto.

Halter dresses with prints worn by Freida Pinto.

Freida Pinto's style: black and a little gold!

This is how Freida Pinto's appearance with gorgeous dresses.

White dresses by Freida Pinto.

Freida Pinto in (left): Alexander McQueen, (middle): Chanel! Not pretty sure the designer of the right one.

Still, another Freida's white dresses.

Freida Pinto was wearing prints dresses.

Pink and Magenta dresses.

Freida Pinto's style: green!<3

Freida Pinto's style: Lime dresses.

Freida Pinto's casual style.

Blazers worn by Freida Pinto. Love the ancient styles.

Freida Pinto is pretty in reds!

Credits to Jared.

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