March 19, 2015

Skirting Top and Skirting Dress

For several months, I've been longing to find the right vocabulary for this type or tops and dresses and I think I found one. This top and dress has a spaghetti shoulder strap but its still make you like an etiquette one!

Slick & Chic Dress in White.

Slick & Chic Dress in Navy.

Sultry Lace Romper in Yellow (2220097YELL)

Cracked Prints Skirting Top (7720502CRKED)

Posh Skirting Dress in Hot Pink (2220013PINK)

Digital Floral Dress (2220721FLO)

Garden Breeze Skirting Top (7720649GRDN)

Lace Skirting Top in White (7720619WHI)

Catalina Skirting Top in Orange (7720648ORG)

Posh Skirting Top.

Blue Spiral Maxi Dress (2220719BLU)
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