July 08, 2015

Michael Kors Selma: Size Comparison

In doubt when buying Michael Kors Selma due to size difference? So do I and so does my sister and probably you! Therefore, I created this comparison of Michael Kors Selma. It's available in cm and inch because every country have their own measurement units. When in doubt, look at this Michael Kors Selma size comparison and I hope it's helpful!

MK Selma Size Comparison
After we know the size of MK Selma, we don't really know how big or how small the bag is, therefore we also need to know how it looked like when we wear it.
MK Selma Size Comparison: Courtesy of Shopbop.

I hope this will able to help you decide your favourite MK Selma.


Images courtesy of various sources; outlook look from Shopbop.

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